At Good Drinks, we have always had a strong focus on developing a business that is sustainable for the long term.

This comprehensive roadmap will propel Good Drinks towards expanding its stake in the alcoholic beverage market. With 10 world-class brands already under its belt, Good Drinks plans to continue creating craft brews nationally and worldwide.

To ensure this, we do business with the following four key strategy pillars in mind:

  1. National sales and distribution platform
  2. World-class brands
  3. Efficient, high-quality manufacturing
  4. Profitable branded hospitality venues

1. National sales and distribution platform

  • National sales team of 65 people
  • Joint business plans with key national customers
  • Leading retail key accounts capability, win with the winners
  • On-premise capability delivering long-term tap agreements with national pub groups
  • National call centre to manage regional areas
  • Ability to distribute nationally
  • Cold-chain logistics delivering fresh beer into key markets

2. World-class brands

  • Leading brands in every major category
  • Gage Roads Single Fin #1 Independent craft beer in Australia
  • Matso’s Ginger Beer #1 independent ginger beer in Australia
  • Miller Chill #1 flavoured beer in Australia

Introducing our newest products

  • Currently expanding into margin-accretive RTD and cider categories
  • Rider Lite successfully launched into contemporary beer category
  • Existing new products performing strongly

3. Efficient, high-quality manufacturing

  • State-of-the art plant and equipment
  • Largest brewery in Western Australia
  • Bottling and canning capability at 400 units per minute
  • Maintained cost structure at 35c per Litre
  • 23 million Litres total capacity, currently utilising 15 million Litres
  • Continued growth without additional capital expenditure
  • Increased warehousing capability in WA and QLD driving cost efficiencies
  • Investment in renewable energies, lower carbon foot print and cost efficiencies
  • Diversified international supply chain delivering low-cost raw materials

4. Profitable branded venues

  • World-class branded hospitality operations
  • Profitable and cashflow-positive contribution to Group earnings
  • Driving brand awareness with consumers and trade
  • Hub for innovation and trial
  • Gage Roads Freo flagship
  • Atomic – NSW incubator
  • Matso’s Broome – Iconic tourism location
  • Matso’s Sunshine Coast (opening soon) – home of Matso’s in Queensland

Let’s chat

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